logomiessenceDo you know that 89% of ingredients used in personal care products have NOT been evaluated for safety (EWG, 2009)

This is why I recommend Miessence to anyone who is interested or looking for pure, potent, raw, skin, hair, cosmetic, health and personal care products. They are unrivalled in their levels of purity, potency and freshness.

How can I make that claim?

Miesssence is the world’s FIRST comprehensive range of certified organic skin, hair, cosmetic, health and personal care products. In an industry that is predominately unregulated, Miessence has set the a new standard with products that are certified to organic food standards!

These products are so pure that they are literally edible… and why not? Your skin is your largest organ of your body (it’s alive!) and absorbs any products applied to it. Using Miessence organic products ensures that you feed your body with potent, active, living certified organic ingredients.

The terms ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ have no legal requirements in our industry, that is why our organic certification has been assured by two of the world’s leading certifying bodies.

We are releasing new organic products throughout the year and we currently have over 150 organic products. To get a full view of our products, the prices in your country and order our range with free delivery (for orders over $100) please visit our sister site.

Key benefits of our organic products include:

Energy of Certified Organic Ingredients

  • Clean and potent plant extracts of high vitality!
  • More vitamins, nutrients and cancer-fighting anti-oxidants!
  • Revolutionary Bioactive Cold Formulation

Superior quality active ingredients!

  • Significant quantities of bio-available nutrients to literally feed your skin!
  • 100% Beneficial Ingredients
  • Every ingredient in every product must be beneficial
  • ALL ingredients are active!

No synthetic functional ingredients (e.g pH adjusters, colours, pearlisers, consistency modifiers, preservatives)!

  • Unique Emulsification and Preservative Systems
  • No chemical emulsifiers- unique all-natural emulsion!
  • No chemical preservatives- tested and proven all-natural shelf life

Some of our top selling organic products include:

And if you are still unsure about their purity and potency go to the EWG Skin Deep Safety Database and look us up!

Your health depends on you! We can create conscious health by making conscious choices as consumers. Demand to know what is in products you buy, educate yourself as to what the chemical names mean and the effect they have on your body. If you value your health and your family’s health is a priority, then make the natural choice of organics.

Click here to view and order Miessence certified organic products. And choose your health!